California Bartender Course
Responsible Serving ® Courses for California

HomeThere are many bartending jobs available in California. Because there is relatively high turnover in the industry, bartenders are always in demand - and bartending is one job that does not suffer significantly when the economy worsens. 

The key to landing the perfect bartending job is to stand out from the competition by being knowledgeable, trained, and professional. If you've been on the bartending job search for very long, you already know how steep the competition for a single good job may be. Getting certified can be a great way to show your potential employer that you're serious about doing a good job. 

Additionally, having certification and training shows that you've taken steps to help your employer by potentially getting them a discount on their liquor liability insurance and in potentially reducing violations, fines, and the risk of third-party lawsuits. 

Get certified in Responsible Serving® and get a good bartending job today!