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Bartender Mixology

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The Mixology course will not only train you how to bartend properly, but you will also learn useful tools to help you memorize drink recipes, and decipher drink ingredients based on the name of the drink in some cases.  You will learn how to mix drinks, learn bar terminology, learn customer service tips, and learn useful information that will help you maximize your tips and maximize your employer's bottom line at the same time!  

The Bartender Mixology course is completely interactive and can be taken from any computer with an internet connection and a web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari).  The course normally takes about 40 hours to complete but you can move through each lesson of the course as quickly or as slowly as you'd like so the time it takes may vary.  You have up to a year to complete the course so you can go back and review multiple times and work through the course an hour or two a night if that fits your schedule.  Getting your bartender certification has never been easier than online training and certification from

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